Earthy, Edgy, Natural.
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About us

Hi, I'm Mandy, the designer and creator of the handmade jewelry available to you on this site. I love creating new pieces that come from the heart. Whether it be working with beads and wire, painting, collaging, coloring, or writing down my thoughts, I am always engaging my creative spirit. I enjoy art of all kinds, being especially drawn to the abstract and natural forms- color, shape, texture...anything that evokes feeling! My designs are a reflection of this.

Usually I am going about my day when an idea emerges, or I am in my studio surrounded by a vast array of beads and gemstones when a new pattern or concept originates. Sometimes I am at the beach, or in the car. I take an idea and see where it leads me. I am a perfectionist by nature so each piece is never complete until everything is just right. The quality of my designs and the relationship I have with my customers is very important to me!

Some of my favorite things, besides making jewelry, are learning, reading, listening to music, my cats, all other animals and plants, the warmth of the sun, the outdoors, gardening, yoga, running, constantly improving my organic/natural/healthy and earth-friendly lifestyle, meeting new and interesting people, and enjoying all that life has to offer!

I am always open to suggestions. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas for a personal piece or for anything you may want to share with me!

My mission is to spread beauty and happiness through my work, and that means always taking the time to listen to my customers. Your thoughts are greatly encouraged!


"Life is a gift of nature, but beautiful living is the gift of wisdom" -Greek Adage